88347 Half-Orc Fighter

Finally back at the table after a long summer of traveling. I’m going to make a big push now to finish up the Ahmut’s Legion faction. First up is the Half-Orc Fighter, showing the characteristic Chainmail pose of gesturing forcefully to the left.

Despite the generic pose and the lack of facial definition, the figure itself is pretty fun to paint. The texture contrasts between the fur cloak and the armor are nicely done. I went with Reaper khaki shadow for the clothing under the armor. I was aiming for a military look. Shadows were done with Agrax Earthshade, as usual, and the contrasting armor straps are blackened brown. The cloak itself was a chestnut brown layered over with a wash and then a drybrush of palomino gold. The inside was the usual tanned effect: a mix of pink and blood red for a base and a wash of Vallejo skin wash ink. Armor was Vallejo gunmetal with silver highlights and reflective spots.

I do wish these figures had better facial features. Both this and the half-orc assassin are really mushy in the face. For skin, I used a mix of heather blue and dark elf skin, building up to blue in the highlights.

I accidentally purchased a D&D 3.5 Half-Orc Assassin (88266) online thinking it was the Chainmail fig (88940). Alas, they’re not the same. The chainmail fig lacks a lot of the detail and character of the later fig.

So I’m going to paint them together…

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