88050 Halfling Sneak

I’ve started painting the Ahmut’s Legion faction now. First on the agenda is these little guys:

Painting them was pretty straightforward. I went with Reaper Vampiric Skin with Vallejo Flesh Wash to add some contrast. Other than that, I left the faces alone. I’m using black & yellow as the Ahmut faction colors. So I gave them yellow pants and fletching on their quarrels, and flat black armor pads on the arms. The shirts I did in Reaper Khaki Shadow and the outer cloak is Highland Moss. I was going for a sort of commando look here.

The real pain in the ass was assembly. Unlike the Goblin Scouts, which have a fixed crossbow stock and need the prod glued in place, the Halfling Sneak required gluing in two places, both hands wrapped around the stock, and then placement at two simultaneous pressure points. For a full sized figure, maybe this is doable without mishap. For a piece this small, though, the assembly process is murder. Add to that the imprecision of the part size and you’ve got a perfect recipe for frustration. It took a while and I gummed up my paint job a bit, but I finally assembled them.

Next up is the Crazed Minotaur Cultist. I still need to strip and re-prime the Hill Giant to complete the Drazen run. But I confess I’m a little intimidated by the job, so I’m pushing forward with the Ahmut’s Legion figures until I get some courage to return to it. After that, I’m hoping to take some photos of the whole faction in one place.

I also finished this figure, who will represent Sir Braford, the paladin fallen under the spell of the wicked druid Belak in my Sunless Citadel run through.

I’m pretty happy with how his armor turned out, though the transition to the cloak looks pretty bad and will irritate me for a while. Next up on that front is a bunch of kobolds.

88715 War Ape

Finally finished and based the War Ape. This was a quick paint job, but I’ve been busy working on other minis for a game I’m running, so I let this one sit for a while before I based him. Apologies about the quality of the photos. The lack of contrast made it hard for my iPhone to take a decent picture.

The sculpt itself is great. The contrast between the fur and metal is well-defined and easy to describe. The facial expression and lunging pose are just wonderful.

I went with a harvest brown/black mix in a 4:1 ratio for the undercoat, then added a bit more brown for the highlights. Many of the reference photos online go with a blue & red mandrill look for the face. A lot of those are lurid, in my opinion, but the piece really does cry out for color contrast. So I toned it down a bit but used the same color scheme.

Given that there isn’t much space to show the Drazen’s Horde faction color, I opted for copper in the arm pieces. As with the orcs, I gave a light green ink wash to indicate oxidation. I’m still not thrilled with this technique, but I don’t have the energy to figure out how to paint verdigris properly.

The Drazen’s Horde faction is almost finished. Only two hobgoblins and the hill giant left to paint. I should be done by the end of the month, at which point I may switch to Ahmut’s Legion.

I’ve also painted a bunch of rats and a couple of shadow figures for the Sunless Citadel module. I’m particularly happy with how the plague rats turned out.