88570 Crazed Minotaur Cultist (alt)

I’m not sure if this is a proper model number or not. I actually almost missed the figure altogether, since it doesn’t have its own blister-pack version. The model number on the lost minis wiki is actually the number for the Fear & Fury combo box, which is the only place this figure was released.

I really loved this one. It’s a weird looking minotaur, but a great figure and pose all around. The head is a single piece on a ball-post from the torso, allowing for a little freedom in how to pose it. The muscle definition is great and the hair is well described, making for a lot of possibilities.

I did a couple of things here that I’d been wanting to try out. First, I went with a striking red color for the hair. I thought: it’s already such a weird looking minotaur, why not go all in and make him a redhead? My first try was a disaster. I put too much color variation in the hair, base coating with Reaper palomino gold, and then trying to layer on yellow and red ink, while doing an Agrax Earthshade wash to bring out the shadows. The result looked awful. Like he had dirty, mangy hair that he’d covered over with a bad dye job. But then I just washed over it with orange in multiple thin layers until I had a solid base, then did highlights on the tips of the hair working progressively lighter toward blonde. I’m pretty pleased with the results. You can still see a little of the original shading, but the overall effect is pretty realistic, I think.

I also used this as an opportunity to work on making horns look more like real horns. I base coated in Reaper earth brown and then did multiple layers of glazing with black ink. The result was a nice, matte black surface that looked organic. Then, I did multiple washes with palomino gold and buckskin pale trying to get a nice, clean transition. The result was almost what I had in mind. Transitions little too sharp in places, so I glazed over everything with dilute buckskin pale. The result is a little too washed out, but it works, I think.

Next up is the Human Death Cleric. She’s done, but hasn’t been based or sealed yet.

I also finished up a bunch of kobolds and an ice toad for the Sunless Citadel. I’ve got a bunch more kobolds left to do as well. I hope to get them all done before the semester begins.

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