88714 Goblin Scout

Finally finished these guys today. I've been preoccupied with other stuff and haven't had enough time to paint. But, truth be told, these pieces were also a pain in the ass to work with. I like the overall design, but there several blobby undefined spaces and some deep crevices that were hard to paint. I'm definitely not steady enough to work skillfully with the smaller goblin figs. So I was kind of dragging my feet finishing them.

I went with a plain gray base rather than something more elaborate. My usual strategy has been to clip off the slot and pin or glue the figures to a base. But I have a ton of these slotted bases now and I figured I'd get rid of a few. I also did the detail work on the crossbow in Vallejo model color gray gunmetal. I'm really glad I picked up these paints. The consistency is much better than the Reaper metallics and the colors are very good.

I'm on to the Goblin Champion now. He's got some great armor contrasts, so I'm trying to make good use of these new Vallejo paints. I'm hoping to have him finished up by the end of the week.

One last thing: a favorite model sculptor, Tre Manor, has a Kickstarter for his line of Nordic-inspired dwarves that is in its final days. The sculpts are amazing. It's called Warbands of the Cold North V. Check it out.

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