88882 Orc Champion

Finished the Orc Champion last night:

My experimentation with wet blending went pretty well. There's a nice color transition on the axe blade and on the breastplate. The gold didn't work nearly as well because I struggled with how to lighten the tint. So that's still pretty washed out.

Really happy with the way the fur pelt worked, though. The key with fur, I'm finding, is to have a lot of color variation so that the texture pops. Here, I base coated in reaper harvest brown, then washed with Vallejo umber wash. After that I went over it with a Vallejo ink and finally stippled reaper ebony flesh. The result is a nicely textured surface that really stands out from the metal adjacent.

Now I'm on to the Orc Druid, a piece I've been putting off for a while. It's pinned and primed so I should knock it out over the weekend.

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