88713 Orc Druid

This figure was complicated to paint. Overlapping layers and a range of textures meant that I think I spent more time trying to figure it out than I did actually painting it. Nevertheless, I'm reasonably pleased with the results.

No actual cloth except for the deeply recessed undergarment meant that I didn't really have an option to display the burnt orange color scheme I'm using for the Drazen's Horde faction aside from the pelt draped across its back. I think it was supposed to be a wolf, but I turned it into a rather large fox. I made the undergarment a neutral dark gray (Reaper stormy gray) so that the brown tones would pop out. One thing I worried about was that the close proximity of multiple brown tones would wash out the detail of the figure. That seems to have happened somewhat. There could be greater contrast between the braids and their background for example. And the strap of the satchel kind of gets lost on the back.

The real nightmare here was the wrist tattoos. I'm just not steady enough with my hand and my vision is too blurry to get this as precise as it should have been. Regardless, I think it turned out pretty well. I love the large, textured bones and the overlap of the leather cords. The face is washed out, like a lot of the Chainmail orcs. But that Don King hair is amazing. I made the ties on the braids gold metallic to give more color and texture contrast. The loincloth pelt I did in ivory and then washed with multiple inks, using Vallejo black-green for the final tint. The result is a kind of damp, mossy look that works well, I think.

On to the Orc Gangfighters!

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