88709 Human Death Cleric

Finished this one up this week and finally got around to basing it last night.

It’s a nice piece with interesting textures. Nothing too complicated. Like many of the cheaper Chainmail figs, it’s very flat. But that scythe is really wonderful.

I did my first pass on the armor using Vallejo gunmetal gray. Metallic paint on a piece that’s dark colored and mostly armor turned out to be a lousy choice, though. Lots of gloss, but all the detail was washed out. So I went over it with multiple coats of nuln oil until I had a nice matte surface. Then I put in edge highlights and bright spots with silver paint. This worked really well, I think. In fact, I think I’m going to start doing a lot more non-metallic metal effects. You just get more control over the final result.

Other than this, I went with the faction colors I’ve chosen for Ahmut’s Legion: black and yellow. The cloak was base coated in buckskin pale, shaded with Agrax Earthshade, and then built up with some aggressive highlights. Then I went over the whole thing with a glaze of yellow ink.

For the base, I wanted to give the impression of a necromancer in the midst of raising the undead. I have a bag of resin skulls back in my desk in Boston. In retrospect, I should have brought them. Instead, I sculpted a bunch of bones and skulls out of green stuff. This is obviously not my forte. I guess it looks like she’s animating a skeletal giant or something. The color contrast between the bones and the mud is cool, though.

Next up are three skeletal dwarves. I’m hoping to have them done this week before I get back to teaching.

5 thoughts on “88709 Human Death Cleric”

  1. I played chainmail in college back in 2002, and have just started recollecting the minis so my kids can enjoy them. Stumbled across your blog, and happy to see another person doing the same! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!


    1. Thanks Dan. I never played it back when it was in production. But I’m also using it to teach my kids how to play tabletop games. Glad you’re enjoying the blog. Feel free to link pics of your own painted figures, if you’d like. It’d be fun to see them.


      1. YES! I just looked it up! Man, I must have bought that back in the early 2000s. I can now even remember where I bought it – there was a little wargaming fair on in Nottingham, UK. I test played one of the earlier Alien mini-games there and was collecting Tau at the time so got a regiment of pro-painted Kroot! Love it! Thanks for doing this and reigniting the memories!

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