88461 Ettin Trooper

I finally finished the Ettin Trooper last week.

My first crack at it was a disaster. Two lessons: despite what you may read elsewhere, Vallejo Glaze Medium is not very good for wet blending. Maybe it works for non-metallic metal effects better than for skin, I don’t know. But on this miniature it simply made everything look gooey and wrong. Lesson two: if you like using washes to add depth and shadows, this will absolutely not work on larger figures with a lot of exposed skin. After a wash of Vallejo sepia, the piece looked awful, mottled and blotchy.

I wound up having to strip the figure down to bare metal and start all over. That said, version 2 looks a lot better.

Difficulties were 100% a product of my lack of skill. The second time, I was more cautious. I painted all the skin first (in case I needed to strip a third time) and diluted with water. There were still some harsh transition lines. I brought these down with two very diluted washes. The first was a soft gray. The second was a diluted Vallejo skin wash/Reaper tanned flesh combo. The latter was perfect for making the whole figure cohere visually.

Problems painting notwithstanding, this is a beautiful figure. The musculature is finely detailed, the pose is dynamic, and the scale is really stunning alongside the other Drazen’s Horde figures. The Ettin is a good head taller than the ogres, giving a nice range to the faction. It’s going to look great on the table. Casting it in six separate pieces also allows the figure to break out from the planar, two-dimensional quality that plagues many of the Chainmail sculpts.

I was going to push on and paint the Hill Giant next, but I think I’ll do the Bugbear instead. I’ve also got a couple of non-Chainmail figures that I may post on the blog.

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